Ocean Blue Silk Invitation Holder with Round Flower Brooch

Fabric: Faux silk

Color: Ocean blue

Size: 7×7 inches

$ 14.80

Couture ‘Celebrities Nightclub’ Invitation Box

Color: Silver and black outside, plain black inside

Fabric: Fine printed silk

Size: 7x7x1 inches

$ 25.80

Grand Occasion Ivory Silk Wedding Box With Ornate Rhinestone Brooch

Fabric: Silk
Color: Ivory
Size: 7x7x1 inches

$ 26.60

Stylish Ivory Silk Wedding Invitation Box Embellished With Czech Rhinestone Clasp

Fabric: Faux silk
Color: Ivory
Size: 7x7x1 inches

$ 31.40

Pink Pearl Silk Wedding Folder

Fabric: Faux silk, also available in 100% Thai silk, Dupioni silk

Color: Pink, more colors available

Size: 6×6 inches

$ 22.20

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