Silk Wedding Invitation Pouches

There are only a few areas within a bride’s wedding planning moments that she can enjoy the thrill of picking top of the line items for her wedding… without going over budget! Discover one of the best kept secrets in the wedding invitation and stationery industry, silk wedding invitation pouches! Send your invitations off to guests in a fashionable way that won’t break the bank of your wedding budget. Invitation pouches are a luxurious choice that will forever be remembered by your guests. With so many wedding invitation presentation methods on the market, it can be hard to decide what’s right for you. Consider silk wedding invitation pouches as the perfect way to present your guests with their invitations.

Choose from many beautiful options

Silk wedding invitation pouches come in different sizes to meet your needs. Our designers have crafted beautiful pouch styles that come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles to appeal to all types of brides. Search through the site to view many impressive options at affordable prices. Traditional styles of black and whites or more modern colored wedding favorites are available in pouch size to hold your wedding invitations. Treat yourself to one of many available models that feature crystal and rhinestone embellishments as the button. This special finishing touch brings the overall look and feel of the presentation to the next level! Invites Couture offers all styles in small, medium or large quantities depending on your individual needs. Contact us to discuss bulk pricing discounts or any questions you may have about placing a custom order. We are happy to help wherever possible in your wedding planning ventures! You won’t just enjoy savings from us, but you’ll also enjoy the added savings at the post office. Silk wedding invitation pouches offer a beautiful way to send invitations without adding extra weight that can bump invitations into a shipping level that requires extra postage per package.

High quality silk pouches can be enjoyed for many years to come!

Brides choose silk wedding invitation pouches for their style, affordable price point and for their durability. Have your silk pouches embroidered by a local expert with your last name and the date of the wedding. Features like this make the pouch a “must save” item. Ideal for traveling, pouches can be used to hold jewelry or other small valuables. Guests also enjoy keeping your invitation pouch as the best way to preserve your invitation.

Invites Couture sincerely congratulates you on your engagement and is honored to be a part of your planning efforts. We welcome you to contact one of our support staff members to discuss your specific needs.

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