Delicate White Silk Invitation Box With Gold Ribbon and Radiant Crystal Ring

$ 22.60

Fabric: Faux silk
Color: White, gold ribbon
Size: 7x7x1 inches

Product Description

Encapsulate the magic and majesty of white and gold in this stunning silk invitation box. White is a color that symbolizes purity and innocence, while gold brings forth strong hints of glamour and prosperity. Together the two create a luscious harmony that is made more profound in the presence of high quality hand craftsmanship in lustrous silk. Give your special function an air of timeless elegance that will absolutely captivate guests!

The outside of the silk box is luxuriously padded, giving it a soft and smooth feel that speaks of limitless grandeur. The gold ribbon is accentuated with a glittering crystal brooch that effortlessly ties in subtle hints of extravagant glamour as well. Overall the finish is one of sheer decadence! Lift the lid and you will find a discreet hinge on one side that keeps it up. Inside the lid is a gorgeous ribbon holder that creates slip storage for items like RSVP’s, Thank You cards or direction notes in case your guests need help in finding the venue. The cushioned base will be home to your invitation card, providing a plush encasement of sheer elegance.

Once your event has come to a close, guests can take the beautiful silken box home and will be pleasantly surprised to discover the various ways it can be used. With the lid up, it transforms into a unique display case for exclusive jewellery pieces like diamond bracelets and earrings. You can also use it this way to display precious trinkets. It also makes a gorgeously elegant way to store personal stationery. Keep fancy paper in the lavish base, while note cards and the like can be held in place by the ribbon on the inside of the lid. In the bedroom or in another area of the home, this stunning piece will impart a sophisticated air to its surroundings that can be appreciated by all.


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