Sophisticated Gray Thai Silk Pad With Sky Blue Ribbon

$ 12.40

Color: gray and blue
Fabric: Faux silk, also available in Dupioni silk or 100% Thai silk.
Size: 6×8 inches

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Product Description

Gray is usually associated with corporate companies. This is because it generates trust and loyalty. If this is the feeling you want to create with your guests, then this unique invitation pad is exactly what you need. The blue ribbon that adorns the front of this gray, silk pad is a calming sky blue. The overall look is one of sophisticated elegance.

To exaggerate the luxury, each invitation pad is individually handcrafted. The silk covering is hand picked by our designers, to ensure value and quality. The silk gives the whole surface a soft shine that transforms the gray into a dark silver, almost resembling pewter. The smooth satin ribbon is the perfect partner for this exquisite fabric.

The folder is beautifully embellished on the front with the sky blue ribbon running from left to right in the middle of the pad. The oval, gold plated buckle is placed in the centre of the ribbon. This perfectly symmetrical design gives it a wonderful balance. Turn the pad over and you will find a silk pocket that is deep enough to keep any invitation card, menu or note in place.

If you want to indulge in luxury, you have the option to choose between 100% Thai silk or Dupioni silk. The standard invitation pad is covered with high quality faux silk. If you are satisfied with the fabric, you can also choose a different adornment in the form of a brooch, buckle or button from our extensive range.

After your perfect event, your guests will adore this handy and useful pad. In an office it can be used to store business cards or important notes. It will fit into a briefcase or handbag for carrying shopping lists or notes. It can be displayed on a coffee table with some facial tissues. The uses are truly endless.


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